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Bends Private & Unique Studio

Admittedly, we are a little different and this isn’t your typical yoga studio. We specialize in Private Yoga lessons, and our goal is to help you develop, grow, and thrive.

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Welcome to Bend, Oregons private and unique studio, Yoga Indigo.


See us in the Bend Bulletin this month for Bend's all new Yoga for Police Program designed by Yoga Indigo.

"We realized that a majority of the officers had never done yoga before,” said Jeannie Laslo Douglas (owner of Yoga Indigo) after class on Tuesday, which led her to develop a special curriculum for the specific needs of cops, who endure irregular sleep patterns and high stress on the job. During the class, Douglas and fellow Yoga Indigo Instructors Amy Weinsheim and Christina Davenport roamed around the room, correcting and adjusting positions from downward dog to child’s pose."

Join us today and reserve your spot at our unique downtown studio - Namaste.